Monday, September 19, 2011

The One

I don't have any other terms for these kinds of characters in our lives except for — The One.
Well, The One is not your supernumerary character who passes through your life without you taking notice.   

In fact, The One is such a potent mark in your life that you can only hail him in a pedestal that nobody can ever match. For some reason like a fight, distance, time or even without a why, he does not really stick around in your lifetime to be there for always. And yet you know, he is The One.

I cannot also consider The One to be better than who you are with now. In fact, he can even rate as an ugly duckling. And yet, when he did his cameo role in your life, you are just taken to heights beyond your wildest imagination.  And there's the firm belief that nobody can ever take you there again.

If you have watched John Cusack's movie, Serendipity—somewhere in 42 minutes and 28 seconds (just kidding, I really don't know the exact time frame J) he said something about wanting to see Godfather the original even if Godfather Part II was better! Well, it is a bit like that with regards to one's attraction to The One. Although, you are happier with who you are with in the present moment, there seemed to be that unconscious attachment and endearment to The One.

Is it possible to end up with The One?

I don't know if I got the whole story right or I just conjured the whole thing up but I think my friend, Percy, said, studies show that people don't really end up with their The One.   The ratio would be 2:100 for the odds to bring you and The One to live happily ever after.   

I have my own share of experience with The One. His name's the male counterpart of mine. We were seatmates and became friends. But somewhere down the road, we parted. We are probably both happier now in our present lives. And yet, there remains the nagging awareness on my part,   he is The One.

If you get to read my novel, NOT QUITE GODLY, you will be introduced to a character named Apollion. I built him up as The One. Although, I plan to release the sequel late 2012, I still don't have any idea how it will all end up. Somehow, I would like to enjoy the feeling of having someone in your life that will fill your heart with both sadness and happiness. Call me nuts—but I often associate real joy when I cry and smile at the same time.       
Do you have your own experience of The One? I would love to hear from you. Tell me in the comments below your experience.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Once (A light romantic piece of flash fiction)

Rain began to fall softly, as he gazed around the room. She stood silently in one corner. Her luggage sat beside her. She was wearing the perfume he insisted her to use.

"I don't want to confront you," she said. "I was about to leave this letter when you came."

He looked at her. Then, he looked towards their bed. The covers were neatly tucked, just the way he wanted it. He looked back at her. "Are you going somewhere?" he slowly asked.

She nodded. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other. She couldn't understand the feelings rushing through her.

"Would you like me to accompany you?" he asked.

"No, I can go by myself, " she said.

"I'll drive you to the bus stop," he insisted.

"No!" she told him.

"To the airport then?"

She shook her head.

"Why not?" he demanded.

"Because I don't even know where I'm going."

"You're leaving me?!" It was more of a statement than a question.

"Yes," she answered uncomfortably.

"Why?" he asked.

"I don't know," she said. They sounded stupid to her. This was not the conversation she pictured out to be. She was hoping that he'd beg her to stay. Instead, he was asking her questions she couldn't even answer herself.

"Is this some kind of a joke?" he asked a little annoyed. "Are you having one of your moments?"

"I'm not!" she quipped. "I just can't find words to express what I'm feeling right now."

"Try me," he challenged. "Or better yet, why don't you read the letter you prepared."

"I don't have to," she said.

"I've given you everything you wanted, everything you need - everything!" he said silently.

"I didn't ask for it," she said indignantly.

"I just assumed that-" he started to say.

"You assumed," she cut him off. "You always decide for me. You didn't-not for once-give me the chance to decide on my own. I'm losing me with you."

"I thought you wanted it," he said.

"You thought!" she cried.

"I have to do it. I might lose you..." he said softly.

"You're about to lose me. All you can think of is yourself. I find it selfish," she said.

He dug his foot on the carpet. She knew he was nervous. All of a sudden he changed. Gone was the sure-of-himself guy. What stood in front of her was the vulnerable boy she once knew.

"You can do it your own way from now on. Just stay, please..." he pleaded.

She avoided his eyes. She knew that if she met his gaze, she would stay. She loved him so much. "I can't!" she answered.

"Where are you going to stay?" he asked.

"I don't think I have to tell you," she said.

"Will you call me?" he asked shyly.

"Probably!" she said.

"Take care of yourself," he told her.

"Thank you," she said and turned to leave, "goodbye!"

"Bye," she heard him say, "I love you!"

She looked back at him. He looked down and raised his arm in a wave. She was torn between the right thing her mind instructed and what her heart claimed as the right thing to do.

"I'll be back in a couple of weeks," she said. They smiled at each other.

He ran to catch up with her. They walked outside the house hand in hand. When she comes back, a new beginning would welcome both of them.

"Will you marry me- when you get back?" he asked.

"As soon as I get back here," she said happily.

"Give me a ring wherever you may be," he said.

"I'll visit my folks," she said.

"I'll wait," he said as he hailed down a cab. He opened the passenger door for her. "Do you love me?" he asked doubtfully.

"Once," she said as he frowned. "And always!"

Both of them smiled.

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