Monday, April 18, 2011

Untitled Poem #15

They mocked me with my anger
Ridiculed me with my pain
They never did take me seriously
I am standing between sanity
And insanity
Being in the middle is a lot
More difficult than to
Succumb to one
All these things
are making me sick
everything is driving me crazy
now, you cry over her dead
body as if she can still hear you
she is dead
when she was alive you never
paid any attention to her
isn’t it paradoxical that
she’s worth more dead
than she was alive
it was what she wanted
how can a funeral be so joyful?
Right this very minute
Her Maker cradles her in His Arms

I never knew you knew how
To paint
You never knew me
Is it a sandcastle?
It was…
Now, it’s merely sand…

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