Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Untitled Poem # 24

Look at the flowers
They are so full of beauty
So full of hope
So full of passion
So full of life
For now
For tomorrow
For the next ten to fifteen days
Then, comes
The inevitable…
Listen to me
Hear me speak
I sound so real
So full of thoughts
So full of life
So full of dreams
For now,
For the fleeting now
Then, the unexpected…
Flowers live for days
I live for years
Flowers live for butterflies
For nature, for people
For bees
I live for nothing, for nobody
For years…
Flowers are merely flowers
I am a human being
This world does not deserve me
The world deserves the flowers
But the flowers deserve me
One day, I went to the cemetery
Stopped in front of a deathbed
Which cuddles
An unknown person
I saw flowers with blood red
Petals, picked two of them
And brought them home
Look at the flowers…
Look at the flowers again
By this time perhaps they don’t look that
Beautiful anymore the way they once were
Listen to me again…by this time perhaps
I don’t sound so alive
For the inevitable, the unexpected
Has finally arrived.

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