Monday, May 2, 2011

Untitled Poem # 19

You have once touched
The heart of a numb soul
You made a song
Out of the crumbled dreams
The soul had
You made her whole again
Now, you’d be lowered
Down to your grave
And solitude
The soul knew
What you wished for
She, too, wanted the same thing…
But you, yourself can tell
How your majesty
Was left unmoved, unexplored
Down to your deathbed
There’s no solace
Only turmoil
Which would constantly
Thunder in your head
Like wrathful gods
But the soul and you
Would be like inextricable coils
Nothing will ever keep you away
From each other
And although you
Can’t be together
You’d never ever be apart…
When you died
She ceased to live along with you
For you and the soul are one
A creator of life
And in your deathbed
There’s a desperate wish
That it may just be
An ephemeral cessation
I whispered the same wish to
The gods too.

Image: Kenneth Cratty /

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