Monday, May 23, 2011

Untitled Poem # 25

I am filled with anger and resentment
Towards the life I have now
Not because I am not satisfied
Because somehow I am
But because I seemed to have not
Satisfied the world, the people
And life itself
I am filled with sadness
Not because I have never felt
Happiness before, for certainly I have
But because of the sadness that goes
Along with the happiness which
Seemed inseparable, inescapable
I am filled with despair
Not because of a life suddenly turned wrong
Because everything seemed right
But because nothing more can be done…
I seemed to be dead
Not because of a lifeless life
But because I continue to live…
Life is filled with emptiness
Not because of nothingness
Because everything seemed full
But because of that fullness itself,
That suffocating fullness…

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